Working With Us

Working With Us


“I have worked with Kaive to purchase 2 properties and sell another and each time, he has exceeded my expectations. I truly value Kaive’s knowledge of the real estate market and the advice he has provided during each of my transactions.” – Greg Frank

“Kaive found me a condo downtown. I have worked with a lot of Real Estate Agents and I am very picky. Kaive was excellent. He really, really knows the downtown Toronto market and how to match people with whats available. I was particularly impressed with Kaive’s knowledge of local real estate regulations, laws and associated impacts.” – Heidi Brothers

“My experience with Axon Capital Realty has been very positive. Kaive is knowledgeable and reliable and ensured that home-buying was an exciting experience. I was guided through the process in a very professional and stress- free manner. Thanks for helping me find my fabulous condo!” – Andrea Berczi

“I had the pleasure to work with Kaive in 2005 & 2006. Kaive is a first class Real Estate professional with excellent on-hands experience, whether the property was small or big, residential or office space unit the outcome was always satisfying. I would surely like to work with him again and would comfortably refer him to others.” –  Ash Ibrahim

“I highly recommend Kaive and his organization. He personally helped me get the apartment I needed, right time, right place, right price. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services.” – Alex Olegnowicz

“Extremely professional and insightful to my wants and needs.  I found Kaive and Axon Capital to be very thorough and relaxing.  He read every single page of the contracts to me (which is rare) in a calming manner and ensure I understood every detail.  Axon gave me multiple variations on choice, achieve-ability, and bidding possibilities.  They also helped me get the best mortgage rate possible working with all the banks keeping on top of the latest rates.   Very helpful to a first time home buyer like me. I bought two using Axon.” – Wilfred Wong

“We want to thank Kaive and his team at Axon Capital Realty for making the condo buying process a smooth and fruitful one. Kaive was so knowledgeable about the Toronto Condo market and was able to guide us in the right direction.  We love our new home in King West and have him to thank for it. Thanks again!” – Tracy Moreira & James Lucas

“I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be living where I am now if it wasn’t for Kaive’s dedication, persistence and serious skills in the negotiation department. While it’s possible that someone out there knows the condo market in Toronto as well as Kaive does, I doubt it. He’s a total professional, and I can recommend his team at Axon Capital unconditionally.”  – John Sawicki

“Kaive took the time to understand our budget and limitations before working to find us both the best Condo in the area we were looking for, and helped to broker a mortgage. We got our deal done, with minimal effort on our part, working with Kaive was smooth and simple. Great to work with and look forward to working with him again.” – Bryon McQuay

“Kaive and Axon Realty were super helpful in purchasing my first condo in Toronto. Without their patience and helping hand, I would of been at a loss. I am glad I went with Kaive and Axon, as I have heard many horror stories from the abundance of agents in Toronto. With Kaive and Axon by my side, I know I made the right choice.” – Raman Bawa

“We greatly appreciate all the work you’ve done for us. The buying/renting/settling experience was a pleasant one thanks to you and Lana.” – Angela & Sanjeev

“Working with Kaive & Lana from Axon Capital Realty Advisors Inc. was an absolute pleasure. They are an excellent team. They were able to quickly sell my condo that I wanted to get out of and found me the perfect house. They were very attentive to my needs, timelines and budget. Their expertise in negotiations resulted in me getting the best possible value for both properties. I would use them again in a heartbeat and highly recommend them to anyone.” – Laura Berry

“I needed to buy two condos in Toronto for each of my two daughters. They wanted to be in close proximity to each other. We were able to find two units within a block of each other. I could not believe how smoothly everything went. Kaive was so good—he actually listened to everything we said and got viewings for appropriate places right away. He was very familiar with the market. He wasted no time whatsoever. He presented the facts and we made our own decision. He steered us in the right direction. My advice is don’t go to anyone but Axon Capital and Kaive Wong.” – Delia Stayner

“I have a living situation where I am on my own during the week and my wife and baby daughter come in from Stratford on the weekend. With the birth of my daughter I needed more living space than my 648 square foot condo provided. From the beginning I knew I was a high maintenance client. Kaive tailored his efforts to my specific needs—there was no cookie cutter approach. He invested a lot of time in helping me to find the right place at the right price. My wife and I have a wonderful penthouse on Front Street West. It is 1400 square feet, has a lot of light and a wrap around deck. His expertise was invaluable to me. He won me over.” – Frank Glosnek

“Kaive’s expert knowledge of the condo market was instrumental in my selection of him as my agent. His diligence and determination in identifying possible units went above and beyond the call. His guidance, combined with his patience made viewing possible units a pleasure. His negotiating skills and experience ensured that I got the condo I wanted without any surprises. I would highly recommend Kaive and his team to anyone looking to purchase a condo in Toronto. Cheers!” – Michael Hall

“I met Kaive because he found a condo for my niece who was very happy with his service. On first meeting him I was impressed with his professional demeanour. He was very polished, well spoken and he listened carefully to what I had to say. I now know that Kaive understands the downtown condominium market like no one I have ever met. He not only hones in on what you are looking for but he also knows what to steer clear of — properties that don’t necessarily show their flaws unless you have a vast knowledge of the market and know what is out there.” – David Bennet

“I couldn’t have been any happier with my first experience at Axon Capital Realty. That’s why I went back again. After buying a beautiful downtown condo with Kaive’s help, I went back to Axon and sold the condo for a big enough profit to put me into my first detached home. Kaive had the patience and took the time to help my wife and I comb through dozens of prospects before we found the perfect place. That’s what sets Kaive and his staff apart. They care about their clients. I look forward to working with them again and recommend them highly to everyone who asks.” – Steve Dankoff

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