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Update on Pinnacle’s 1 Yonge

For those readers who have been following our blog, you may remember a post a couple of months back regarding the future of 1 Yonge.  Formerly a parking lot, the land was put up for sale and Pinnacle International almost immediately expressed their interest in purchasing it.

The current state of the site.

Pinnacle International recognized the spot as a piece of land that is full of potential and possibility, and recently submitted to the City its development plans: a comprehensive set of buildings at the foot of Yonge Street.

The potentially landmark project has an ideal location- right in the heart of Toronto’s stunning waterfront. Despite some small concerns of traffic congestion that the project may bring, it seems as if the public generally accepts and encourages this development.  The area at the base of the city, which is what many tourists first set eyes on, should reflect our growing architectural confidence and accomplishments.  What better way to show off our city than with a state-of-the-art residential and retail complex designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects?

The design, first revealed a few months back, consisted of five new buildings, one as high as 98-storeys.  Now, a new and improved plan includes the development of a sixth building, the tallest now reaching only 88 storeys.  Below are a few rendering designs by Hariri Pontarini Architects, displaying plans for the base of the complex.  These renderings also include images of the extensive landscape provided by NAK Design Group.  Up-to-date renderings of the full complex are not yet available.

The Pinnacle proposal features extensive retail frontage on the first two floors of the complex, above which a sheltering glass canopy will hang, deflecting wind and rain away from the base of the towers. The images above show partial views of five of the six towers planned for the site. Spanning a large city block, Pinnacle plans to divide the site in two, complete with an eastbound extension of Harbour Street, one block past Yonge to Freeland.

On the south block, in the right background of the image above would be the Toronto Star building, extended skyward with new floors added to the top of the existing structure, plus a new 40-storey office tower (hidden behind other towers in this image), and a 70-storey tower with a hotel component, the bottom portion of which is seen in the image above, and new since the initial plans for the site.

On the north block would be four residential towers of 75, 80, 80, and 88 storeys, three of which can be seen in the above photos. The residential towers will surround a tree-lined courtyard with access to the complex, which will be a shared space by pedestrians and vehicles alike (who says you can’t accommodate both?!).

In total, the development represents 6.3 Million square feet of space. It will be connected via the climate-controlled PATH pedestrian network to Union Station and beyond, linking 1 Yonge to the city’s and country’s largest transportation hub. Surrounding sidewalks will provide a wide Yonge Street Promenade connecting all the way from the Financial District to Queens Quay (pictured below) and Lake Ontario.

Anson Kwok, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Pinnacle International said this of the company’s development plans:  “Pinnacle International is looking forward to creating a monumental residential, office, retail and hotel destination that will stand the test of time. Our vision includes a variety of mixed-used buildings within a master planned community setting for this vibrant waterfront location.”

What do you think of the plans for 1 Yonge?  Is the plan put forth by Pinnacle International a worthy one?  Let us know what you think!  And stay tuned as we keep you up to date on all development progress!

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