2 Bloor West

According to blogto.com, there is a recent condo project that could change the face of Yorkville. What is this project, you ask? We’re talking about the one Oxford Properties is hoping to build at 2 Bloor Street West.

Oxford Properties has intended to build a condominium in the Yorkville area since 2010 when they had first received zoning approval from the city. Their plans were thwarted due to an appeal by local residents to the Ontario Municipal Board.

Now, in their second try, they’ve recently been approved to construct two completely different towers.  According to blogto.com, one is set to be 125.3 metres while the other has a planned height of 162 metres. One will be located possibly mid-block and one closer to Yonge, with the existing shopping mall that is on the south side of Cumberland St. most likely demolished and replaced with new retail. Blogto.com has further stated that a set of digital renderings were revealed online by ArchitectsAlliance with the designs depicting a very early concept for the L-shaped Yorkville site stretching from Bay to Yonge and down to Bloor.

But there’s a lot to still consider with this recent project. The price of installing these two towers is not just numerical in nature. For instance, it would potentially mean the removal of the 34-storey CIBC building (which is owned by Oxford). If that were to happen, the CIBC building would be the tallest building to ever be demolished to make room for a condominium. Aside from this, there are other factors to take into consideration such as other condominiums currently going through the approval process to be constructed in the Yorkville area. Not to mention, the “plan to create a mid-block pedestrian retail mews from Bloor Street through to Yorkville Avenue.”

Nothing is certain at this time, we will just have to wait and see what becomes of 2 Bloor Street West as time passes.





The Hype at Spadina & College

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the College and Spadina intersection of late. Some of these new developments are more controversial than others. The most talked about project is the new student residence planned on the site of two historic buildings- the Hotel Waverly and the Silver Dollar Room. The iconic site is a place full of interesting stories. James Earl Ray, the person who assassinated Martin Luther King Jr., is thought to have spent his days on the run at the Hotel Waverly. Milton Acorn, a famous poet, wrote some of his best work at the hotel. Bob Dylan and Levon Helm both visited the Silver Dollar decades ago, unannounced.

The Wynn Group now owns the 113 year old hotel and bar and is planning to construct a 22-storey tower for University of Toronto students, called “The College.”

Not everyone is in favour of these plans. City Councillor Adam Vaughan thinks the plans are a terrible idea, stating economic concerns that students will not necessarily utilize the residence. Others assert that it’s time the site was renewed to serve a better purpose.

Another major transformation possibly coming to the neighbourhood is a brand new 20,000 square feet Loblaws. Many residents of Kensington Market have started protesting this new addition, saying that it will kill the business success and charm of the independent shops and restaurants in the nearby Market. A group called the Kensington Market Action Committee has organized protests in the area. Activists are worried the new Loblaws will make the Market obsolete, destroying a century of history.

The final large development in the area is the transformation of 1 Spadina Crescent, an old Gothic-style building.

This seemingly-odd site in the neighbourhood was built by the Presbyterian Church as a theological college in 1875. It has also been used by the Department of Optometry and the Visual Arts Department of UofT. Now, the building is set to become the new site of the University of Toronto’s John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design. A revitalization project is in the works, which will include adding 100,000 square feet of glass, stone and steel. It will also add studio spaces, an advanced fabrication lab, a large hall for events, and a public gallery. The University expects the project to wrap up by the end of 2015. The design team was selected by the University and will include: Nader Tehrani (from the Boston firm NADAAA) as the architect, along with Toronto consultants Public Work on landscaping and ERA Architects as preservation architects.

Didn’t we say there’s a lot going on around Spadina and College? Let us know what you think of these changes!







Toronto Entertainment District Master Plan

Toronto’s Entertainment District is the vibrant downtown core of our city; busy and bustling with restaurants, night clubs, and, at least in the last decade, a plethora of new condominiums.  Not only is it centrally located and thus steps to everything the city has to offer, it’s now considered a living-friendly neighbourhood as evidenced by the hundreds of condo dwellers who live in the area. With all of this action happening in the Entertainment District, there’s also been a lot of talk about revamping the area.

The Toronto Entertainment District BIA recently unveiled their “Master Plan” to redevelop much of this section of the downtown core. From Queen to the Gardiner, and from Spadina to Union Station, the BIA states their large transformation will be guided by several main principles, including the preservation of historic buildings, the promotion of local businesses and tourism, and the enhancement of streetscapes, open areas, and livable pedestrian environments.

Councillor Adam Vaughan explained that the project will be an ongoing one, and that funding will likely come from a variety of sources over time. This “master plan” effort, along with returning Adelaide and Richmond streets back to two-way traffic, will restore the creativity and economic vibrancy that once characterized this part of the city.

The Master Plan:

  1. Emphasizes pedestrian friendly plazas, hinting at the following locations:

• The south terminus of the proposed John Street Promenade.
• The north side of Rogers Centre and the base of the CN Tower.
• Along Bremner Boulevard between Navy Wharf Court and the Rogers Centre.
• At the north and south entrances to Union Station.
• At the north-west and south-west corners of Metro Square
• Two potential small-scaled plazas associated with new developments at the north-west corner of John and Front Streets and on Nelson Street between Duncan and Simcoe Streets.

  1. The plan also refers to the importance of maintaining height restrictions, improving street furniture, installing a significant amount of public art, and emphasizing sustainable design practices.
  2. Returning Adelaide and Richmond back to two-way traffic is also an upcoming debate in the future of TED.
  3. Perhaps the most recent and most controversial plan for the area is the proposal for a car-free King Street to speed up the morning streetcar commute. TTC commissioners are examining the prospect of making King Street car free during set hours in the morning. The King. streetcar line is the TTC’s busiest surface route with 56,700 riders a day — more than the Sheppard subway line’s ridership.  The proposal is still in the very early stages and is in no way final, but it is certainly a serious plan to keep an eye on. The TTC Commissioner said they “could reasonably pilot something” in the next year in and a half.

Condos in the Entertainment District:






New Condo at Queen & Yonge?

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any further condo developments announced in the city of Toronto, a newly suggested project has been proposed by Cadillac Fairview for Yonge and Queen.

Still in the city’s approval process since the development application was first submitted in mid-April, according to blog.newinhomes.com, “the owner of 2 Queen St. W. is seeking permission to develop a 65-storey, 220-metre and 580-suite rental building.” If the project is approved, what is the current retail location of the company Atmosphere is said by blogto.com to become the base of the new residential tower as “the store’s interior would become the podium for the building.”

Aside from the development’s rental property function (sole rental developments are not often seen in Toronto anymore), it’ll also feature a commercial component. And, since it will be located in one of the busiest downtown intersections, the development will have many environmental features; for instance, it will have 580 bicycle spaces and zero parking spots.

But, what prompted Cadillac Fairview to propose it as a rental building in the first place? Well, according to blog.newinhomes.com, a recently released Rental Report stated that a total of 3,919 condominium apartments were leased in the MLS system in the first quarter of 2013, which is up 31 percent from a year ago.” With statistics like that, it’s no wonder why this type of development was proposed. This is one rental property that will definitely appeal to people looking to lease in the downtown area.

Although some early renderings of the project have leaked (see above for an example), it’s still a lengthy process before we get to officially see it come to life. According to blogto.com, “a preliminary city planning report is due in June and a community meeting will likely be scheduled for July. Feedback from that meeting and the thoughts of the planning department will be handed back to Cadillac Fairview for them to take into consideration. A final report, with recommendations, won’t be given to council until at least next year.” So, stay tuned to find out what becomes of 2 Queen St. W.






Benefits of High-Floor Living

Condo hunters are bound to face this age old adage: to live above 10 storeys or not to live above 10-storeys high?  Seriously though, apartment complexes in ancient Rome grew to ten storeys and higher, so there’s nothing too new about the concept of high floor living!

In a vibrant city like Toronto, condo development is at a fever pitch, and it seems like a new skyscraper is built every other week.  So, for any new condo hunters out there trying to decide between living up high or closer to the ground, we bring you some important news: according to a recent study, living on a higher floor could mean a longer life.

Amazing, right? We promise this is not just a hunch- it’s scientific. Living on a higher floor could substantially decrease the likelihood of developing many fatal diseases.

A study by scientists in Switzerland was conducted by analyzing more than 1.5 million people living in buildings with 4 floors or more.  The result? They found that the chance of dying from serious lung disease was 40% greater among residents who lived on the ground floor compared to those with an apartment on the 8th floor or above.  For heart disease, mortality rates were 35% greater among those at ground level and for lung cancer the risk of death increased by 22%.

The researchers concluded that pollution was a huge factor in this decreased risk to disease, but also that exercise was a positive influence on health. (No way! Who would’ve thought?!)

Beyond these enlightening health benefits, there are some other factors that you might want to weigh when considering if a high floor level is the right choice for you!

Pros of living higher up:

  • Less chance of dying from lung disease
  • Lowered risk of dying from heart disease
  • More secluded
  • Less traffic/street noise
  • Less pollution
  • More exercise (if you walk up the stairs and boycott the elevator- hint: do it!)
  • Better views
  • Better security (less exposure to and risk of crime)
  • Did we mention you are less likely to be exposed to FATAL diseases??

Cons of living higher up:

  • Higher cost
  • More secluded
  • Scary for people with a fear of heights
  • Less likely to go outside as often
  • Takes (marginally) longer to get outside
  • Temperature (because higher floors are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods, it will probably get pretty hot up there- but we’re assuming those who can afford sky rise condominiums have A/C)
  • Unless you have a big balcony, you won’t have access or exposure to much greenery
  • More difficult to bring things in and out (ie. Groceries, moving boxes, furniture, etc.)

Considering all of the above, would you live on a higher floor?  Let us know below!

We hope we’ve helped you gain a little insight on what you value in a condo most!







Luminato 2013

Starting June 14th, Toronto will see a wide selection of unique art, theatre, film, dance, music, and literary events from local, regional, and international artists, playwrights, and filmmakers for this year’s Luminato Festival.

Luminato is a 10 day festival that occurs every summer in Toronto.  It’s a great chance to see some local talent and enjoy the city’s amazing culture.

David Pecaut Square (at the corner of King St. W. and John St.) continues to be the Luminato Festival Hub for the full ten days and will host free nightly concerts and events.

You can check out the schedule/program at a glance for each day of the festival by clicking here.

We’ve also taken the liberty of including some events around the city you might want to check out!

Friday, June 14
8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
The Hub at David Pecaut Square


Opening Night at the Festival Hub!

Condos Nearby:

Saturday, June 15
10:00 p.m. – 11:15 p.m. — No Intermission.
Roy Thomson Hall

Arabian Nights

The TSO goes late night with Rimsky-Korsakov’s orchestral showpiece Scheherazade! The music is based on the exotic Arabian Nights story, in which Sultana Scheherazade enchants her husband with tales of intrigue in order to save her life. Yuja Wang also dazzles the audience with the first movement of Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1.

Condos Nearby:

Saturday, June 22
12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Trinity Bellwoods Park
Price: Free

A Literary Picnic

A summer’s afternoon, a picnic lunch, an inviting park. Add an incredible group of writers and you have A Literary Picnic, a celebration of storytelling that draws on the creativity and diversity of Toronto’s writing community.

Condos Nearby:

Wednesday, June 19
9:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. — No Intermission.
George Brown House
$75, $60

Mid-week fun with Chamber Magic

For those who only believe what they see, Steve Cohen invites you to come close, really close. A master magician whose repertoire is designed to engage the mind as much as the eye, Cohen’s Chamber Magic hearkens back to an era when wealthy patrons secured the services of elite wonder-workers to transform a salon into a stage and mesmerize family and friends with magic.

Condos Nearby:

Sunday, June 23
3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. — With Intermission
Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
$95, $85, $75, $60, $45

L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato

Since its creation in 1988, choreographer Mark Morris’ legendary L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato has earned global recognition as his company’s crowning achievement.

Condos Nearby:



Toronto Taste Festival

On Sunday, June 9th, join Toronto’s food lovers and critics at the Royal Ontario Museum for Toronto Taste Festival 2013! Hosted by Second Harvest, Toronto Taste is one amazing summer night that will see 65 chefs, 35 beverage purveyors and some 1,500 hungry foodies all get together for tastings, live, silent and wine auctions and other activities- all to support a great cause.  Proceeds will go towards support for hunger relief in our community, through Second Harvest’s ongoing efforts to rescue surplus food and deliver it to social service agencies in your community.

A bit about Second Harvest

Second Harvest is the largest food rescue program in Canada. Since 1985, Second Harvest has been picking up donated, excess food, which would otherwise go to waste, and delivering that food to community agencies in Toronto. Currently, Second Harvest delivers rescued food to over 215 community agencies.

Are you a wine collector?  The on-site Fine Wine Auction features a global selection of exclusive and rare vintages sourced from private collections for drinking, cellaring and investment.

If you’d like to get to know Taste Toronto a bit better, and get a look at the wine purveyors, auctions, chefs and partners participating, visit www.torontotaste.ca.

To buy your tickets now, click here.  They’re $250 a piece, and $125 is tax-deductible!

Oh no! Away at the cottage that weekend? Even if you can’t make it, you can support the cause by donating funds, food, or your time.  Every little bit helps.

Time: 6:30-10 pm. Must be 19 years of age or older to attend.

Condos nearby:




Theatre Museum at King Blue

With Toronto being the third largest home of live theatre in the world, behind London and New York City, it’s no wonder King Blue playing host to the Theatre Museum of Canada is such an exciting honour.

Read on and check out the gallery now for some updated renderings:


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the King Blue development at 335 King Street West, it will be a mixed-use residential and commercial space, developed by Easton’s Group and Remington.  The residential portion (two towers of 48 and 33 storeys designed by Page&Steele/IBI Group Architects) will sit atop the retail and institutional podium at the bottom.  The podium will also serve as the future home of the Theatre Museum Canada.  Currently, the museum has no permanent home, and only shows exhibits in temporary locations or online.

The Theatre Museum of Canada will be located in the Mercer Street podium lobby off the central courtyard, occupying approximately 9,000 sq. ft. of space.  It will feature extensive exhibit space on the second floor.  This above ground exhibit will be visible from the street, with contrasting framing and floor-to-ceiling windows.  It will also pay homage to the historical Westinghouse building façade- which will be incorporated into King Blue’s lobby.

The museum at King Blue will add to an existing and impressive Entertainment District neighbourhood that is filled with performing arts centres, theatres, and performing arts history museums.  “King Blue fits like a glove into King Street West,” says Steve Gupta, President and CEO of Easton’s Group. “Its retail component, the Theatre Museum of Canada, and the overall feel will be quite eclectic, a perfect reflection of the unmistakable ‘style’ that is King Street West.”






Doors Open Toronto 2013

Doors Open Toronto is almost here!  For those of you who aren’t sure what exactly Doors Open is- it’s exactly what it sounds like.  Various buildings around the city open their doors and allow guests to peruse and explore free of charge.  Aptly named, isn’t it?

The 14th annual Doors Open presented by Great Gulf offers residents and visitors an opportunity to take a peek behind the doors of nearly 150 architecturally, historically, culturally and socially significant buildings across the city on Saturday May 25 and Sunday May 26, 2013.

This year’s theme is ‘Creators, Makers and Innovators’ and features many older buildings that have been redesigned, re-invented and re-purposed into modern 21st century spaces. These buildings host and represent a new generation of imaginative people that think, create and act in a unique and adventurous way.

Since its inception in 2000, Doors Open has attracted more than two million visitors in nearly 600 unique locations across the city. It is Canada’s largest Doors Open event and one of the three largest Doors Open events in the world.  Doors Open is produced by the City of Toronto in partnership with the broader community.

Here are some buildings and nearby condos to check out at this years’ festival:

Arts and Letters Club (St. George’s Hall)
14 Elm Street

Saturday: Not Open
Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Last admittance to building: 3:30 p.m.

Self guided tours of the building will be available with detailed explanation of the interior features by Club members. Visitors will have an opportunity to view the permanent collection which includes several Group of Seven paintings and a wide range of art spanning more than a century. In the lounge visitors will have a unique glimpse into the history of graphic art in Canada in the form of the annual lists of club executive since the founding in 1908. The Lounge and the Great Hall will feature an exhibition of work by Club artists.

Condos Nearby: 9t6, College Park, Shangri-La

Burwash Dining Hall (Victoria College, University of Toronto)
89 Charles St. W

Saturday: Not Open
Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Last admittance to building: 3:45 p.m.

Burwash Dining Hall is at the heart of Vic campus. Visitors are welcome to tour Burwash Dining Hall on their own, or with a guide. Vic alumni and staff will act as tour guides. The architect was Henry Sproatt, who is also responsible for Soldier’s Tower, College Park and the Fairmont Royal York. Harry Potter fans will appreciate Burwash’s resemblance to Hogwarts!

Condos Nearby: One St. Thomas, Museum House, Seventy Seven Charles

Evangel Hall Mission
552 Adelaide St. W

Saturday: Not Open
Sunday: 10:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Last admittance to building: 4:30 p.m.

2013 is Evangel Hall Mission’s centennial year and visitors to our site are encouraged to join in on the celebration!! We will be providing a photographic retrospective on Evangel Hall Mission in our main community area as well as contemporary display of art work made by our residents and our community members. Those who would like a guided tour of the facility are welcome to join one of our many skilled and informed tour guides. On your guided tour you will learn about our essential community programs as well as have the opportunity to meet volunteers, staff and board members who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. In the afternoon we will be hosting a barbeque in our driveway where you can enjoy delicious lunch and musical entertainment with the proceeds from our bbq going to help fund our organization. Your visit to Evangel Hall Mission will not only allow you explore our building but also give you an opportunity to see the positive impact this organization has made on our community over the past 100 years.

Condos Nearby: 20 Stewart, Fashion House, Six50 King

St. Lawrence Hall
157 King St. E

Saturday: Not Open
Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Last admittance to building: 3:30 p.m.

St. Lawrence Hall is home to Opera Atelier, Canada’s premier baroque opera/ballet company, specializing in opera, ballet and drama from the 17th and 18th centuries. While drawing upon the aesthetics and ideals of the period, Opera Atelier goes beyond “reconstruction” and infuses each production with an inventive theatricality that resonates with modern audiences. Since 1985, lead by founding artistic directors Marshall Pynkoski and Jeannette Lajeunesse Zingg, Opera Atelier has garnered acclaim for its performances at home as well as in the United States, Europe and Asia. On Sunday, May 26 at 2 pm, Opera Atelier’s students of the School of Atelier Ballet will be presenting a FREE special performance for Doors Open Toronto called Dance Through Time. The public is invited to visit St. Lawrence Hall’s Great Hall to watch historical dances ranging from Renaissance to Baroque, plus 19th Century Waltzes, Mazurkas, Tarantellas and excerpts from the Romantic ballet.

Condos Nearby: 25 The Esplanade, L Tower, The St. James

For a complete list of buildings to visit this year, click here.





King Blue Condos

It’s been almost six months since Remington and the Easton Group’s King Blue Condos’ VIP Launch last October 2012, so we thought we’d update you on everything that’s been unfolding since.

Last Saturday, you might have missed out on the official public launch of the project, which was a special night.  King Blue Condominium’s developers, Page + Steele / IBI Group Architects, invited retired Leafs Captain and legend, Wendell Clark to greet fans and sign autographed King Blue hockey pucks!

Aside from the excitement that Wendel Clark brought to the event, there were also plenty of plans that were unveiled as well. For instance, the Easton Group has amazing and extensive amenities planned for their upcoming development.

As you probably know, King Blue Condominiums will be a twin-tower mixed-use development at 355 King Street West. Plans consist of a 48-storey north tower and a 44-storey south tower, set atop a podium which will utilize the historic façade of the Westinghouse Building at the intersection of King and Blue Jays Way.

At grade, there will be multiple first-class retail stores, a hotel, and the newest Toronto attraction, the Theatre Museum of Canada. Above, there will be residential units, not to mention amazing five star amenities.  It doesn’t hurt that King Blue is in between two of the liveliest neighbourhoods of our city, with countless attractions just steps away.  The King Street West Theatre and Entertainment Districts of Toronto boast countless restaurants and clubs. The best of live theatre is nearby too.

About the Canadian Westinghouse Building

Built in two stages between 1927 and 1935, this 6-storey, yellow brick building’s north and west façades will be preserved and incorporated into the project. Charcoal-black bricks have been chosen for the new portions of the podium to provide a pleasant contrast with the heritage portion, while terra cotta frames will echo those on the heritage façade. The complex’s pool can be seen below in the pavilion on the roof of the Westinghouse podium.

Theatre Museum Canada

The bulk of Theatre Museum Canada’s space in the complex will be on the second floor of the southern half of the podium, with long windows overlooking Mercer Street and Blue Jays Way. It will be an education and exhibition centre paying tribute to the art of theatre.

Building Features and Amenities

The amenities at King Blue are designed by Munge Leung.

  • Grand Port Cochere Courtyard for pick up drop off
  • The complex will be split into north and south by the courtyard, and will connect to Blue Jays Way

  • Private lobby for each tower

  • 24/7 concierge service
  • State of the art Fitness Centre and Change Rooms
  • Outdoor deck and Pool Bar
  • Rooftop Terrace in  North and South Tower
  • Advanced Security
  • Enter-phone and cameras at all visitor entrances allowing for in-suite viewing through television connection direct to suite
  • Resident key fob access throughout all common areas
  • Convenient parking with cameras in the garage

Rooftop Terrace

  • Rooftop Terrace featuring multiple private seating areas equipped with outdoor fire pits and bar for residents’ use
  • Open and airy, yet intimate
  • Curvy 20 foot ivy wrapped trellis
  • Central seating area features stunningly lit artistic metal arches that soar above a beautiful water feature
  • Landscaping, trees and water features create a magical ambience
  • Fire pits and great city views as a backdrop
  • A lounge and private garden
  • Art gallery

Social Rooms

  • Multi-function Party Room complete with bar, fireplace and kitchen
  • Multi-media Theatre Room

Exercise Amenities

  • Seventh floor swimming pool with adjacent access to outdoor deck
  • Separate male and female change rooms and showers
  • State of the art full Fitness Centre featuring the latest equipment
  • Weight training and cardio areas
  • Relaxing lounge area adjacent to Fitness Centre
  • Yoga Room

Suite Features

  • Secure, solid core suite entry door with dead-bolt and guest viewer
  • 9 ft. smooth ceilings in principal rooms* (with the exception of hallways, closets, bathrooms and foyer at 8 ft., and 43rd, 44th floor suites at 10 ft. in principal rooms)
  • Engineered oak hardwood floors throughout with the exception of bathrooms
  • Floor to ceiling windows with 4” aluminum mullions in living and dining areas offering panoramic views above the urban canopy
  • Solid wood, painted 4” baseboards
  • Rough in for wall mounted TVs
  • All appliances connected and ready for use
  • Thermostat and Smoke Detector
  • Voice communication for Fire Department command room near the suite entrance lobby
  • Directory panel communication via en-suite panel or en-suite land line telephone
  • White electrical services and outlet covers

Gourmet Kitchens

  • Polished granite countertops and Kitchen Island* (where applicable)
  • Stainless steel and integrated (where applicable) appliances including counter top stove, microwave, oven and dishwasher, also included is a stainless kitchen sink
  • Laminate wood cabinetry and glass uppers
  • Glass tile backsplash and polished hardware
  • Undermount lighting

Private Spa Bathrooms

  • High-efficiency flush one-piece toilets with elongated, comfort height design
  • Drop in bath tub with porcelain tile wall as per plan
  • Glass shower stall as per plan
  • Laminate wood cabinetry with polished marble countertops and drop in sinks
  • Top quality hardware throughout including towel bar and toilet paper holder
  • Master en-suite floor finish in honed marble and marble tiles at tub walls
  • Designer vanity mirror including light feature
  • Privacy locks on all bathroom doors


  • Stackable front loading washer and dryer vented to exterior

Pricing (subject to change)

Bachelors from: $247,900
1 Bedrooms from: $331,900
1 Bedroom + Dens from: $347,900
2 Bedrooms from: $454,900
2 Bedroom + Medias from: $518,900
2 Bedroom + Dens from: $551,900
3 Bedrooms + Medias from: $712,900
3 Bedrooms from: $637,900

The finished product will add 807 units to the King West neighbourhood, with an impressive roster of recently completed developments such as Charlie, and M5V.  Upon completion, King Blue Condominiums will add more life to an already vibrant area.

Please contact Kaive Wong, Broker of Record, at (416) 929-1660 or via e-mail at resupport@axoncapitalrealty.com for full details on suites, floor plans, and pricing.